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Welcome to Milestones!

At Mars Hill, we take very seriously the call of Christ to make disciples. In fact, Family Discipleship is one of our Three Pillars. Mars Hill practices a family equipping model of discipleship.  Our hope is to equip parents to be the main spiritual influencers in their children's lives.  Our pastors, staff, and ministry leaders' goal is to reinforce what is already happening in the home and to resource parents with information, practical application of Scripture, prayer, and mentorship as they seek to disciple their children in the truth of the Gospel.  

For this reason, we developed the Milestones program to help train, equip, and partner with parents in actively and intentionally discipling their children. Milestones is not a linear path from birth to grave, but a circular path of growth and replication. Each individual Milestone has specific intent, resources, and components to lead the whole family of God to love God with every fiber of their being with intentional focus on equipping individual families in order to pass down the faith to future generations.



At Mars Hill, we understand that we play a very small role in the overall spiritual development of your children. The majority of all spiritual development, character development, and instruction happens within the family. We want to make sure that you understand that the primary discipleship and developmental role in the life of your family is you, the parents. Be sure you are utilizing the tools of the Milestones Path to be the spiritual leaders that your children need you to be.


Our Milestone Summits are intentional events designed to equip you as the spiritual leaders of your home to succeed in discipling and developing your child's faith. These summits are Milestone specific, meaning each one is intended to instruct and equip for a certain age group. You can find more information about specific Milestone Summits by visiting our Events Page using the button below.


3.Take advantage of our milestone resources.

Our Leadership team has developed a list of Milestone specific resources to help better equip you as the spiritual leaders of your home. These books and media have been specifically selected and read by our staff before being added to the Milestone resources list. You can purchase these books at the Milestone Bookshelf located at our Mobile and Fairhope Campuses, or online. You can access a comprehensive list of these resources by using the button below.