Biblical Teaching


Mars Hill is committed to teaching the truth and depth of God's Word.  Our preferred style of teaching/preaching is expository (verse by verse) through a single book of the Bible at a time. We have a  team of teaching pastors who are trained, equipped, and studied in the Scriptures.  These pastors meet together weekly, along with other members of our staff, to challenge one another in the passage, discuss what it means for the church today, and pray that God would use his Word to challenge the hearts of his people.

Authentic Community


We believe God's people should display a genuine love and affection for one another.  God said that the world would know we are his by the way we love one another (John 13:35).  We were created in the image of a communal God, therefore we naturally desire community.  At Mars Hill, we encourage authentic, biblical community through discussion of God's Word, confession, encouragement, challenging one another to become more like Christ in our daily lives. We expect the church to be a place where people can be honest about who they are and changed by the Word of God. 

Family Discipleship


Mars Hill practices a family equipping model of discipleship.  Our hope is to equip parents to be the main spiritual influencers in their children's lives.  Our pastors, staff, and ministry leaders' goal is to reinforce what is already happening in the home and to resource parents with information, practical application of Scripture, prayer, and mentorship as they seek to disciple their children in the truth of the gospel.  

Watch this brief video and hear from a few of our pastors about the three pillars that influence how we do ministry with and serve the people of Mars Hill.