Ruth 2:1-17

Community Group Discussion Questions

November 5, 2017
Ruth: The Story of a Faithful Redeemer | 2:1-17

Discussion Questions

  1. How is Boaz’s generosity to Ruth a reflection of the gospel that Jesus gives to us?
  2. Why do you believe Boaz is so generous to Ruth, to whom he has no obligation, yet seems to go out of his way to show kindness and charity?  How can you personally apply Boaz’s example to your own life?
  3. How can we bridge the divide that has risen between social classes? How can we be a light to a lost city? How can we take the church from the seats to the streets?
  4. Ruth’s circumstances are obviously ordained by God, even though she doesn’t see it at the moment.  What areas of your life has God been moving where you didn’t notice his hand immediately?
  5. What can we learn from the example of Boaz in a time when the sexual violence in our society is coming to light more often? How can men and women respond to such sin in a godly manner?