Ruth 1:19-22

Community group Discussion questions

October 29, 2017
Ruth: The Story of a Faithful Redeemer / 1:19-22

Discussion Questions

  1. Naomi was extremely honest with those around her. How are we at being honest with others about our circumstances? Why is it difficult at times to be honest with others about our circumstances and difficulties?
  2. Was it God’s fault that Naomi experienced what she did? Was Naomi right to blame him? How should we talk to God about the pain in our lives?
  3. Can you look back at a time in your life where you experienced pain and bitterness and see how God had a purpose in your pain?
  4. Like Naomi, we often ignore God’s goodness in our lives. Naomi could not see how Ruth was part of God’s provision in the midst of her difficulties. Is there something in your life right now that may be God’s graceful provision for you?