Ruth 1:1-7

Community Group Discussion Questions

October 15, 2017
Ruth: The Story of a Faithful Redeemer / 1:1-7

Discussion Questions

1. Do you trust in God to provide for us in times of need? Have you ever gone searching for our own relief and sustenance outside of God’s law?

2. Have you ever actively gone against the commands of God? What motivated that decision? Did you feel justified in it?

3. How should suffering and loss affect our attitude towards God? Is it helpful in suffering to know that “God works all things together for good for those who love him, who are called according to his purposes” (Rom 8:28)? Does this verse promise a solution to all our problems?

4. Have you ever been wandering and far from God and turned back to him? What brought you back? How did you see God working in that?

5. What does it mean for us to be foreigners? How should our understanding of Ruth as a foreigner change our understanding and opinion of foreigners and refugees in the world? How should our own acceptance into the family of God change our understanding?