When Kingdoms Collide | Part 3

December 31, 2017
When Kingdoms Collide: A Christmas Series / Matthew 20:20-28

Discussion Questions

  1. Define kingdom of God. How do we live in the kingdom of God when we are also living in the kingdom of man?
  2. In our lives, what does it mean to share in the cup of Christ’s suffering as we seek to live in the kingdom of God?
  3. Jesus calls us to be servants and slaves. How is this contrary to what the world calls us to be? How can we be servants of Jesus in a culture that is power hungry?
  4. What does it look like to serve the church with the mindset of servanthood that Jesus had?

When Kingdoms Collide: Part 1

December 17, 2017
When Kingdoms Collide: A Christmas Series / Luke 2:1-7

Discussion Questions

  1. Paul Tripp said, “many of us are no longer humbled by what the incarnation of Jesus tells us about ourselves.” What does the advent story tell us about ourselves? What does it tell us about the character of God? 
  2. Examine Luke 2:1-7 and say aloud or write down every historical point Luke mentions in those verses.  What’s the significance of Luke’s mention of these things?  What does this tell us about God’s power in the world today?
  3. Augustine said, “Where there’s humility, there’s majesty; where there’s weakness, there’s might; where there’s death, there’s life. If you want to get these things, don’t disdain those.”  Discuss how this speaks to the Christian life today?
  4. As you move into this Christmas season, consider this quote for Stephen Um: "Sin is our desire to substitute ourselves in the place of God, whereas God discloses his grace in Jesus by substituting himself in our place.”  How does this quote form your perspective when you gaze upon a nativity scene?

Ruth 4:18-22

December 10, 2017
Ruth: The Story of a Faithful Redeemer / 4:18-22

Discussion Questions

  1. Discuss your thoughts on the book of Ruth.  How has this study impacted your life and the way you think.  Did your perspective of Ruth change after this series?  If so, in what ways?
  2. Discuss your thoughts from this quote by Paul David Tripp: “The character of a life is not set in two or three dramatic moments, but in 10,000 little moments.”
  3. Describe how you have seen God work in the mundane of your life to bring about the miraculous.  If you have not experienced this, how can you find God doing this in your life?

Ruth 4:13-17

Ruth: The Story of a Faithful Redeemer / 4:13-17
Discussion Questions

  1. How do we worship without serving?  What does serving look like? What are specific ways we can serve the church? Our family? Our community?
  2. Read 1 Corinthians 4:16-17 and discuss the following statement: Paul’s suffering is not the glory of Christ; Christ’s glory is mediated through Paul’s suffering.
    Is it God’s will when bad things happen to us?
  3. How does the gospel and Christ’s redemptive work change the way that we think about serving others?
  4. Describe Ruth’s servanthood. What is admirable about it? Do aspects of it seem difficult to you?

Ruth 4:1-12

Community Group Discussion Questions

November 26, 2017
Ruth: The Story of a Faithful Redeemer / 4:1-12

Discussion Questions

  1. Discuss this quote: “Sacrifice is to forfeit something for something else considered to have a greater value.” What does this tell us about the gospel as it relates to Christ’s sacrifice?  What does it tell us as it relates to God the Father?
  2. What is the inheritance/legacy you hope to leave for your children or those important to you?  What lasting impact will you have?
  3. What are practical ways you can sacrifice to help redeem people out of brokenness?
  4. Discuss this: “Our sinful nature leads to selfishness.”  How do we overcomes this?

Ruth 3:1-18

Ruth 3:1-18
Discussion Questions

  1. It seems Naomi was in a position where she had decided “the end justifies the means” which led her to offer Ruth ungodly advice.   In what areas do we often find ourselves in the same position? In what ways do we say “the end justifies the means” that cause us to make ungodly decisions in our relationships? Our politics? Our families? Our work life?
  2. How would you respond to someone who has not surrendered their life to Christ simply because they did not feel they were worthy of such a gift?  What would Jesus say to that person?
  3. Spend some time together as a group discussing specific things in your life you are thankful for.  How can your group work together to remind one another to offer Christ a grateful heart each week? 

Ruth 2:17-23

Community Group Discussion Questions

November 12, 2017
Ruth: The Story of a Faithful Redeemer | 2:17-23

  1. Philippians 4:19 says, “My God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”  Describe this hope that Paul speaks of in light of Ruth’s life.  What does this mean for your own life?  How does the gospel change our perspective of hope?
  2. One commentator writes, “We should trust in Christ alone for our daily bread instead of wandering off to search for crumbs in the field of another.” What are the crumbs we often find ourselves searching for?
  3. How is Ruth’s incorporation by faith into God’s family a foreshadowing of what was to come in the New Testament (Acts 2:1-39)?
  4. Read Romans 8:23. What does this tell us about God’s timing and our anticipation? What are some ways we can remain faithfully patient for our redemption?
  5. Pondering God’s awesome grace and covenant faithfulness is the remedy for our hard and bitter hearts.  What does this mean for us individually and as the church.

Ruth 2:1-17

Community Group Discussion Questions

November 5, 2017
Ruth: The Story of a Faithful Redeemer | 2:1-17

Discussion Questions

  1. How is Boaz’s generosity to Ruth a reflection of the gospel that Jesus gives to us?
  2. Why do you believe Boaz is so generous to Ruth, to whom he has no obligation, yet seems to go out of his way to show kindness and charity?  How can you personally apply Boaz’s example to your own life?
  3. How can we bridge the divide that has risen between social classes? How can we be a light to a lost city? How can we take the church from the seats to the streets?
  4. Ruth’s circumstances are obviously ordained by God, even though she doesn’t see it at the moment.  What areas of your life has God been moving where you didn’t notice his hand immediately?
  5. What can we learn from the example of Boaz in a time when the sexual violence in our society is coming to light more often? How can men and women respond to such sin in a godly manner?

Ruth 1:19-22

Community group Discussion questions

October 29, 2017
Ruth: The Story of a Faithful Redeemer / 1:19-22

Discussion Questions

  1. Naomi was extremely honest with those around her. How are we at being honest with others about our circumstances? Why is it difficult at times to be honest with others about our circumstances and difficulties?
  2. Was it God’s fault that Naomi experienced what she did? Was Naomi right to blame him? How should we talk to God about the pain in our lives?
  3. Can you look back at a time in your life where you experienced pain and bitterness and see how God had a purpose in your pain?
  4. Like Naomi, we often ignore God’s goodness in our lives. Naomi could not see how Ruth was part of God’s provision in the midst of her difficulties. Is there something in your life right now that may be God’s graceful provision for you?

Ruth 1:8-19

Community Group Discussion Questions

October 22, 2017
Ruth: The Story of a Faithful Redeemer / 1:8-19

  1. When is a time in your life when you turned from something in order to turn to God? What is an identity that you have had to abandon? 
  2. Naomi believed that the hand of God was against her. Was she right to feel this way? When have you felt that the hand of God was against you? How do you respond during these seasons?
  3. What is the value of running to community during tough seasons in our life? Why is that usually against our natural tendency?
  4. How is Naomi a figure of Christ in this story? How does she come up short?

Ruth 1:1-7

Community Group Discussion Questions

October 15, 2017
Ruth: The Story of a Faithful Redeemer / 1:1-7

Discussion Questions

1. Do you trust in God to provide for us in times of need? Have you ever gone searching for our own relief and sustenance outside of God’s law?

2. Have you ever actively gone against the commands of God? What motivated that decision? Did you feel justified in it?

3. How should suffering and loss affect our attitude towards God? Is it helpful in suffering to know that “God works all things together for good for those who love him, who are called according to his purposes” (Rom 8:28)? Does this verse promise a solution to all our problems?

4. Have you ever been wandering and far from God and turned back to him? What brought you back? How did you see God working in that?

5. What does it mean for us to be foreigners? How should our understanding of Ruth as a foreigner change our understanding and opinion of foreigners and refugees in the world? How should our own acceptance into the family of God change our understanding?