The Chase for a Hurried Life

There is the idea of slowing down and just “being.” 


It could consist of being present, being missional minded, being slow to speak, being slow to anger, being willing to stop and seek rest in Christ- this is something Alan Fadling calls in his book, An Unhurried Life, is living at the “pace of grace.”

This idea of just “being” sounds ideal but almost naive, dare I say. But, I wonder if our constant unknowingly chase for a hurried life is making us blind or even numb to those around us and more importantly, to the glorious ways the Lord is working. 

I work in a fast paced environment that is run by daily deadlines and wait times. Every minute is being planned out and utilized in the most effective way. While this mindset is not “bad,” it does create a friction in just “being.” This friction is constant in my professional career and now realizing my in personal life. It took a trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina to allow me to see this friction and put it into these words: 

Bosnia and Herzegovina, a beautiful place with a more beautiful pace. 


This pace was refreshing and life-giving. The beautiful locals that we encountered, saw nothing wrong with stopping and inviting one in for coffee, sitting down and talking about ones trade, sharing stories that shaped their present, or simply smiling acknowledging your mere presence. It is communal. It is humbling, and it is unhurried. 

I saw men loving one another with brotherly affection that only resembled a bond of servants wanting to make Christ’s name known. I saw a young believer renovating his home to allow a community prayer space which would also be the place that his wife would decide to follow Christ.  I saw an eagerness and desire to listen- not with the intention of responding, but to understand. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina, God is moving. He is moving at His speed not fueled by man’s expectations or our false sense of time. It is at His speed He will make His name known and at His speed we are called to obey. 

I saw this there. I saw the “pace of grace.”