Partners in Ministry: Victory Health

Healthcare. It’s such a big, often scary, usually confusing, always hotly debated issue. 

It’s sparred about on every debate stage and is a consistent talking point on the nightly news. There’s so much talk, but very little action. 

We hear the personal, heartbreaking stories of families struggling through medical issues, and we want to help, we’re just not sure what to do. So for many of us, we let the compassion for these families fade as soon as the news cuts to commercial. Because when the problem is so big and overwhelming and complex, well, how could one person make a dent?

After grappling with this very issue, Dr. And Mrs. Robert Lightfoot decided to make a dent. After going on several medical mission trips, they met with leaders in Mobile’s medical community in hopes of identifying how they could best improve healthcare here at home. 


From there, Victory Health Partners was started. Serving low income, uninsured adults, the clinic now sees over 19,000 patients a year, with around 70 patients seen daily. Since opening in 2003, Victory offers patients access to care that they otherwise would have had to put off or forego altogether. Included in Victory’s broad range of services is a network of over 150 specialists in the Mobile area, the Dispensary Program which enable patients access to prescription medication, and free mental health care via an on-staff counselor and volunteers. 

I will never forget the impact the people at Victory had on my life. My blood pressure is under control. I am taking my medicine and I am tending to my health like never before. -VHP Patient

Most importantly, staff and volunteers at Victory seek to share God’s love with every single person helped at the clinic.


“It is through the compassionate care, the kindness of a volunteer, the prayer from a physician and the generosity of our specialists that the ministry of Victory Health Partners is experienced,”notes Kim Garrett, VHP Director. “Victory's mission is to not simply address the current illness of a patient, but to achieve balance and complete wellness by addressing their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.”

Mars Hill Church partners with Victory Health Partners in a number of ways. As a church family, we support Victory monthly and sponsor their annual event. We partner with them in smaller ways too, like offering meeting space in the church building for Victory’s Board of Directors’ monthly meeting, and our teaching pastors have provided devotionals at Victory’s annual Board retreat. 

“I am alive because of the treatment I received at Victory. Doors were opened to receive life-sustaining heart surgery along with access to specialists and medicine. You see the love of God exemplified in all acts of a hand extended. I am honored to be a patient of this loving and wonderful medical group.” -VHP Patient

As one person, how can you make a difference in the healthcare issue in your community? You don’t need any medical experience to volunteer at Victory. Volunteers are needed to answer phones, help order medication, office duties, or check on patients. And just consider what a friendly face might mean to an anxious, uncertain person in need of help. 

And always, you can pray. Kim Garrett offers several vital prayer requests specifically for Victory:

  • Prayers for our patients, for their healing and hearts.

  • Prayers for the staff, volunteers and Board, that we would be aligned with God's vision and heart for Victory. 

  • Prayers for the continued provision, covering over the clinic and increased awareness. Prayers for abundant blessings over those who support, volunteer and have poured into Victory's ministry. 

Talk to Amy Browning at about volunteering at Victory Health Partners- it’s located right by Mars Hill Church- Mobile Campus. 


Victory Health Partners by the Numbers:
• Victory serves over 26 counties in AL, 11 in MS, and 8 in FL
• In 2018, over $17 million worth of care provided through partnerships with specialty physicians
• $0 received in government funding
• 985 patients received free counseling
• $32 million provided in prescription medication at no cost to the patient
• Over 65 patients have been treated and cured of the Hepatitis C (cost of medication per patient is valued at $70,000, each patient received it for free)
• 150 partner physicians care for Victory's patients within their own offices
• Over 3,000 referrals to specialty physicians
• 10,000 free x-rays provided